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tumble smart Post covid-19

To stay compliant with Government guidelines, Tumble Smart class sizes, days and times will all be updated upon reopening.

Additionally, we will be utilizing a new account management software. 

This means all existing Tumble Smart students will need to re-enroll. The enrollment portal will open on 4/27/20. 

If you have a credit on your account or any other questions regarding your existing student please call or text us today. 



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-Coach Levi

Tumble Smart

2003 North Yellowood Avenue, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma 74012, United States

(918) 986-5785

About tumble smart

 Tumble smart is a specialty tumbling gym. This means that whether you are a cheerleader, gymnast, dancer, power tumbler, recreational tumbling or compete in parkour, Tumble Smart is the place for you! We teach all styles of tumbling specific to your sport or interest. We specialize in training, achieving and performing skills on multiple surface types. At Tumble Smart, we offer four different tumbling surfaces (hard floor, spring floor, air floor and tumble track). We teach our students to execute their skills on every surface whether that’s spring floor, hard floor, grass, a basketball court or football field. Tumble Smart students can perform their skills ANYWHERE! 


How it all started...

Tumble smart is owned and operated by Coach Levi and his wife Christina. Levi grew up tumbling under the coaching of his father, Leonard Nickson. At the early age of 12, Coach Levi began coaching alongside of his father. In 2010, Levi graduated and began coaching full time. He gained experience working in popular cheer gyms throughout Tulsa. After two years of working in gyms, he moved into freelance coaching. During this time, Coach Levi rented floor space, coached at schools, parks, yards and even people’s garages!  By November 2015, Coach Levi had built up his name and reputation within the tumbling industry and with a loyal group of students; he was able to open the doors to his own facility, Tumble Smart Athletics. Through hard work and dedication, Coach Levi has been able to train students all over the nation with his online school, YouTube channel and social media presence. With consistency, Coach Levi and Christina have been able to make Tumble Smart Oklahoma’s fastest growing tumbling specialty gym.