In less than a minute Coach Levi explains what to expect in a Tumble Smart class!

Our classes cover it all!

  • Age 3 to adults 
  • No experience to advance
  • Boys & girls

The class name indicates the main skill that will be focused on, drilled, and spotted during that class + secondary skills that will be worked on as well.


(Basic tumbling skills, drills, stretches, and games)

(Ages 3-5)

Cartwheels + 

(Somersaults, handstands, Round off prep)

Round offs +

(Back bends, kick overs, back handspring prep)

Back Handsprings + 

(Round off Back handsprings, back handspring series, Back tuck prep)

Back tucks + 

(Round off tucks, Round off back handspring tuck, Layout prep)

Layouts + 

(Whips, Fulls, specialty passes)

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