Private lessons

Coach Levi explains what sets his private lessons apart from other coaches.


What sets Coach Levi’s lessons apart?

S: Structure- Every private lesson is planned from start to finish. From the minute a student walks in the door, they know what is expected from them and what they can expect from their Coach. 

M: Mastery of Skills- Through hands on spotting, consistency and specific targeting, Coach Levi aims for his students to master their skills. Coach Levi knows that in order for his students to be the best they must put in work outside the gym. Homework is given on an "as needed" basis for muscle memory, strength and mastering skills.

A: Atmosphere- Coach Levi believes that tumbling should be FUN! Coach Levi creates an atmosphere that breeds positivity, encouragement, and motivation!

R: Repetition- Whether in a private lesson, class or open tumbling one of our core values is repetition! Coach Levi believes in students practicing skills until they become permanent. 

T: Tools- Coach Levi's one-of-a-kind methodology includes unique coaching tools that will take your child to the next level. 

  • Customized digital lesson plans, tailored to your student.
  • A Video Library of Coach Levi's custom exercises. 
  • Goal oriented sessions with interactive tracking.

When it comes to private instruction, you will not find another coach as intentional as Coach Levi. 


How to schedule:

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