A quote made famous by Malcolm Gladwell, an author of social science, says in his book Outliers “It takes 10,000 hours of deliberate practice to become an expert”. Rest assured that coach Levi, owner and senior coach, has well over 10,000 hours of both coaching and tumbling experience himself. He started tumbling before he can even remember and started coaching his friends how to do back flips in his backyard at the age of 8. Although only in his mid 20s, he has over a decade of experience in tumbling and coaching.

Our Story:
Tumble Smart is owned and operated by Coach Levi. Levi grew up in Tulsa, OK tumbling under the coaching of his Dad Leonard Nickson, a long time gymnastics and tumbling coach around the nation. Levi explains “the same way people don’t remember learning how to walk, I don’t remember learning how to tumble. As far as I can remember I have always been able to do a back handspring.” At the age of 8 Levi started coaching his friends how to do handstands, cartwheel and back flips in his backyard. By the age of 12 he started taking coaching more seriously by assisting his Dad with tumbling classes. After graduating high school in 2010, Levi was recruited to start coaching tumbling at a popular cheer gym in Tulsa. He spent 2 years there honing his craft and learning from other veteran coaches different styles of coaching and spotting. By the year 2012 He felt that his coaching style had evolved to the point that it differed from the coaching style and culture of the gym he was at which is when he left that program to become a freelance coach. From March of 2012 to October 2015 Levi coached at dozens of schools, parks, yards, churches, students’ garages and rented floor space at several gyms in the Oklahoma area to coach his lessons (view pictures below). During this time he worked hard to build up an outstanding reputation in the tumbling world. Since most of the time he was limited to the amount of equipment he was coaching with, he developed many unique ways of spotting and coaching unlike any of his colleagues. By November 2015 he was able to acquire enough loyal students to open up his own facility, Tumble Smart Athletics. At the same time he also gained a big enough online presence and social media following to train both students and other tumbling coaches all over the nation through his online tumbling school Tumble Smart Academy. Just a year later he has been able to expand his facility and more than double his student roster over the first year in business. To date he has worked with and influenced thousands of tumblers and coaches all over the nation operating out of his gym in Broken Arrow, OK.

Our Mission:
Is to provide the best quality tumbling instruction in the world! Whether we have the privilege to work with you at our facility, Tumble Smart Athletics, in Broken Arrow, OK or able to connect with you over the internet by way of our online school Tumble Smart Academy. We call our company “Tumble Smart” because we help students know the ins and outs of tumbling. The understanding of something ultimately eliminates fear, which is our goal. We want to educate every person that comes across our website or steps foot into our facility. We look forward to engaging with you!

Why the Sharks?

The symbolism of the animal Shark:
“The world’s greatest predator, and therefore symbolizes Power and Fearlessness”.

The meaning of “Shark” describing a person: “Very aggressive and skilled at controlling the sport/business that they are in”.

Senior coach/owner, Levi Nickson, wants to see these shark-like qualities in all his students. Power, fearlessness, aggressiveness, control and being skilled at tumbling on ANY type of surface. Whether it be spring floor, hard floor, grass, basketball court, football field or ANYWHERE! This is why we offer 3 types of tumbling floors in our facility and also specialize in freelance tumbling to come to you WHEREVER you need to tumble at so you too can become a Tumbling Shark!