Tumble Smart Athletics
is located in Broken Arrow, OK, a suburb of Tulsa.
Cheerleaders, gymnast, and recreational tumblers come to us from all over the Eastern Oklahoma area.
We strive to create a new culture in the tumbling world through our facility. Our well thought out design brings a fresh feel to our gym. From how well we take care of our equipment, to the smell in the air you will instantly appreciate the pride we take in our gym!

What we offer at our facility:
Tumbling classes
Private lessons
Birthday parties
Gym rental for teams

For students: We have 3 different types of floors (Hard, spring & air floor*) to include all types of tumblers from school & all-star cheerleaders to power tumblers & gymnasts.

*Hard floor- Hard floor is the traditional carpet bonded foam mat with no spring underneath. This is what is used for school cheer competitions. We offer this for cheerleaders looking to improve their tumbling here to use it for high school state and national competitions. Learning how to tumble on the hard floor will also allow you to take your tumbling to the football field for game day cheer and even the basketball floor. This is also used for college-level cheerleaders cheering for NCA and UCA. We also offer a section of our hard floor to be rented out to school teams looking to get some practice stunting and tumbling. We have helped hundreds of school cheerleaders make high school and college teams all around the nation including big Universities like OU, OSU, Alabama, Arkansas, and Ole miss. Since we specialize in tumbling we have a special way of getting tumblers to transfer skills from spring to the hard floor.

Spring floor- Spring floor is when you place the carpet bonded foam mat on top of 2 panels of plywood attached on top of 4” springs. This floor is used for competitive all star cheerleaders and gymnast. It is also a great place for school cheerleaders to practice repetition of skills since it is easier on the body. A part from cheerleaders this floor is also used for competitive gymnast. We do not have a 54X42 foot regulation spring floor, however from one end of our spring strip to the other is the same distance as a corner pass on a regulation spring floor. Since we do not have a competitive cheer team ourselves we have helped hundreds of students make it to some big name cheer teams like Twist and Shout, Top gun, Cali all stars, cheer athletics and many other cheer programs.

Air floor- The air floor is an awesome piece of equipment that helps kids gain confidence on throwing new skills on their own. We can regulate the amount of extra bounce it gives you by adding more or less air. We have a crash mat at the end of our air floor for tumblers to safely practice new skills on their own. Once a tumbler successfully accomplishes a tumbling skill on the air floor they can easily transfer it down to the spring floor and then to the hard floor if needed. Once a kid is able to consistently land a skill on the air floor it only takes a couple of weeks, or even the same day, to take it down to the next level. This is most definatley the most used piece of equipment at Tumble Smart.

For parents: We have an elevated viewing area that overlooks both sides of the gym where you can sit, relax, access free wifi. Parents are ALWAYS allowed to watch their kids participate in classes, privates or any other activity taking place in our facility. We also have an air conditioning system on our parents viewing side to keep you cool on a hot day while watching your child tumble!

In January 2017 we were excited to announce our expansion of an additional 1,250 sf. to our facility. We were able to add an elevated viewing area which oversees both sides of the gym. In our new space we were also able to add additional mats which is where our students enter in to stretch and warm up while and to cool down and condition at the end of class. Thanks to all our loyal parents and tumblers for helping us make an expansion in our first year of being open!

The pride we take in our facility:
We do not have the biggest gym in town, the most equipment, the best heating or air conditioning system but we can proudly say that the pride we take in our facility is next to none! We keep our gym clean and fresh. We are constantly improving and adding to our gym. You can look forward to growing with us as we add more to our gym. Since are gym is only a couple years old our equipment is still considered new and in great shape. We always repair and update equipement right away as needed. It means a lot to us to take care of what we have for both the student and the parent experience. We will stop at nothing to continue to improve and grow. We do our very best to make the design of our gym and atmosphere comfortable, trendy and positive by having positive quotes in our gym to inspire everyone to be their best version on themselves. We have a “healthy” vending machine with better options than just chips and pop. It has protein bars, water and other delicious healthy options for parents and students. We have gone the extra mile to build games for special events, birthday parties and other times when our students want to play a fun active game; tetherball, sack toss, limbo and others. Overall we want you and your student to look forward to stepping into our gym each and every time. We are always open to suggestions and things we can do to improve, we make it our aim to never stop improving both our coaching and the presentation of our facility. We look forward to having you and your family at Tumble Smart Athletics!