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What to expect at evaluation lesson:

  • In Depth Experience Evaluation
  • Goals Identification Session
  • Previous Skills Evaluation
  • Skill Instruction
  • Class Overview
  • Question & Answer Session
  • Skill Path & Class Recommendation

Tumbling on Your Terms
We offer these 4 options to ensure that you can
reach your tumbling goals:

  • Tumbling Tulsa Gymnast Yoga Icon 2Skill Level-Specific Classes
  • Tumbling Tulsa Gymnast PoseOpen Tumbling
  • Tumbling Tulsa Gymnast Yoga Hoop IconPrivate Lessons
  • Tumbling Tulsa Gymnast Computer IconOnline Training

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Why People Tumble Smart:

Tumbling Tulsa Gymnast Stars

“Levi was awesome with my 6 year old during a 30 minute assessment. Impressed that he was able to get my daughter to do a connecting round off back handspring within about 15 minutes of being there. He did great communicating with her.”
– Dana Thompson

Tumbling Tulsa Gymnast Stars

“Levi is great with the kids. We have been here for two months and my 5 year old daughter is almost doing back handspring on her own. My 7 year old son has a fantastic time in his all boys class jumping off the wall, tumbling over mats and climbing a pole to the ceiling.”
– Cecilia Marlin

Tumbling Tulsa Gymnast Stars

We love how fast Isabella started learning at tumble smart! She went to another place and for almost 6 months and didn’t learn hardly anything and learned within 2 months her round off backhandspring with Levi! We love how Levi is so involved with each one of his students how much work and dedication he puts into them!
-Rachel Cortes